Customized PET Child-Resistant Pre-Roll Tubes #1

For Cannabis/Weed/Flower/THC

A child-resistant tube that never goes out of style.

Our high-quality custom push n’ turn pre-roll tubes are ideal for protecting your pre-roll joints. Aimed at keeping your marijuana safe, push n’ turn pre-roll tubes are child resistant and meet ASTM standards. Made from BPA-free polypropylene plastic, push n’ turn pre-roll tubes are odor resistant and designed within the USP ‘light and tight’ specifications making them the optimal solution for locking in product freshness.


PET Tubes offer all the qualities that traditional packaging provides. The Child Resistant screw top cap is threaded specifically for the Cone and Blunt Tube vial container, creating an air tight seal to maintain freshness and increase security of your pre-rolled medication while on the go. These tubes are a great addition for any dispensary or collective as they also allow for an interesting means of displaying pre-rolled medication.



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